On a mission to
level the playing field
between traditional work
and freelance work

Some people are perfectly happy with traditional jobs, working nine to five for someone else.

Not us. We don’t want to have to ask our boss for permission to take a vacation, or for time off to learn new skills. We want to be able to choose what, how and when we work. We work hard to create our own success and are in control of our destiny.

But operating a freelance business is tough. We deal with inconsistent income, confusing income taxes, no health insurance, and trouble getting mortgages and loans.

That's why Platypus exists. If you value the freedom and flexibility that comes with running a freelance business, we want to make sure you’re not burdened with extra stress and challenges.

Your freelance finances can be stressful, but we're here to help you along the way!

But why a Platypus?

The Platypus is a one-of-a-kind animal made up of a lot of interesting parts. They are a little bit quirky, very unique, and completely independent. Just like freelancers.

Created by financial experts

Our team has a lot of experience in financial services. Enough to get the important stuff right but also enough to know where the traditional players drop the ball.

Built by freelancers, like you

Our team is made up of current freelancers and people who have freelanced in the past.  We've been there and felt the financial stress first-hand, which is why we are so driven to try to help other freelancer businesses with their finances.

Protected by bank-level security

We take security and your data seriously, this is one area where we will never compromise. We use bank grade security including 256 bit encryption and services like Plaid to securely connect and protect your data.


111 Congress Ave, Suite 500,
Austin, TX, 78701.

The Platypus Team

Keep your cash flow steady, even when your income isn't.

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